''Spring'' into Comfort:  Choosing the Best Hoof Boot for a Comfy Horse Summer🌞🐎

Choosing the right hoof boot for your horse can feel like a daunting task. We get it—there are so many options out there! That's why we're here to explain why our jogging shoes are the superior choice over traditional iron shoes. We'll walk you through what makes our hoof boots special, introduce you to our different models, and help you find the perfect fit for your horse, whether you're a newbie or looking for an upgrade. Ready to dive in?


Why Choose Jogging Shoes?

At Equine Fusion, our mission is to enhance your horse's welfare and safety. We designed our Jogging Shoes to boost your horse's comfort, soundness, and performance. Choosing the right hoof shoe can make a huge difference in your horse's well-being.

Our Jogging Shoes stand out because they’re flexible and elastic, unlike the rigid materials used in other traditional hoof boots and offcourse the Iron shoes most used today. This flexibility allows our jogging shoes to support and cushion the hoof, adapting to its shape and the ground surface. This results in a more natural step for your horse, promoting better blood flow and hoof function.

Our Flexible and Elastic Sole

Horses have become more than just animals—they're family. Keeping them healthy and happy is our top priority. The flexibility and elasticity of our Jogging Shoes provide unmatched comfort and stability. The shoe adapts to the ground, hoof, and your horse's movements, distributing impact forces across the entire hoof, not just the outer wall.

Scientific Testing and Proven Results

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our products are rigorously tested with world-leading experts. Tests conducted with Professor Lars Roepstorff at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences revealed that our "All Terrain" shoes reduce impact acceleration by 40% compared to steel shoes and significantly outperform plastic hoof boots. These results clearly demonstrate the superiority of our Jogging Shoes.


Explore Our Jogging Shoes

Let’s introduce you to our range of Jogging Shoes, designed to give your horse comfort and you peace of mind.


Trekking Jogging Shoe

Idealfor the active rider who needs toughness and flexibility. Perfect for terrain riding, jumping, trekking, trail riding, and more. The Trekking shoe features ourAllTerrain sole with a unique tread design for excellent grip and stability. The upper part ismade fromdurable, breathable Superfabric, making it perfect for demanding conditions. Available in various sizes, including regular and slim, and compatible with an all-terrain stud kit for icy surfaces.


Active Jogging Shoe

The ultimate all-rounder, suitable for transition, trail riding, jumping, horses with narrow gait, and more.Featuringa cone locking mechanism and heel design for natural movement and comfort. The Active Jogging Shoe has the All Terrain sole andis designedfor various terrains. Available in pairs, it fits a wide range of horses and is compatible with an all-terrain stud kit.


All Terrain Ultra

Perfect for horses needing an extra soft and breathable upper.Idealfor active rehabilitation, transition, hobby, leisure, and horses with odd-shaped hooves or twisting movements. The All Terrain Ultra combines a soft, adjustable upper with our All Terrain sole, providing excellent grip, damping, and stability. Sold in pairs, it comes in regular and slim versions and is compatible with the All Terrain stud kit.


24/7 Jogging Shoe

A glue-on shoe offering the convenience of iron shoes with the welfare benefits of a jogging shoe. Great for rehab, transition, endurance, sport, and more. The 24/7 Jogging Shoe featuresthe AllTerrain sole and a leather upper partthat’sglued to the hoof.It’seasy to apply with a patented cable tie system and ensures excellent grip, damping, and stability.Fitsvarious horses and is compatible with an all-terrain stud kit.


Find Your Perfect Fit

We hope you now see why Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes are the best choice for your horse. With our detailed product descriptions and links, you should be able to find the ideal model for your horse's needs. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

Until next time, happy trails and happy, Performing horses!


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