Meet our new Content Creator, Alice👋📹

Introducing the newest addition to our team – Alice, the talented content creator who will be crafting top-notch content to captivate our audience across all our social channels. We're on a mission to make sure that every horse owner out there can benefit from our amazing hoof-friendly products and witness their horses performing their best. And with Alice on board, we're confident that we'll be able to spread the word far and wide. If you're curious to learn more about Alice, then keep reading! We're not only going to give you the inside scoop on what makes her tick, but we're also going to take you on a journey into her world of three incredible horses: Pippi Starlight, Mamsin, and Skyliner.

Hey, all horse lovers out there!

My name is Alice, and I am the new member of the Equine Fusion team.
I am the new content creator, and I will be responsible for creating top-quality content for the various platforms of Equine Fusion, with input from the rest of the team.

So a little introduction of me to get to know me a bit better:
I am 24 years old and from Stavanger, located in Norway, where I was born and raised with two brothers, one older and one younger. I live with my boyfriend and our dog Nebbie. I got my horse interest from my parents, who grew up with horses and other animals, and we were and still are an animal family.

While growing up, we have had all sorts of animals in the household over the years besides the horses at the stables. To mention a few, we had birds, hamsters, rabbits, fishes, dogs, and cats, and in between those years, we moved to a farm for a year or two, where we had chickens, sheep, ducks, and the list goes on.

In earlier work experiences, I have worked in kindergarten and primary school with children with different disabilities and loved doing such an important job. So I, as a person, am social, caring, empathetic, and patient. As a socially outgoing person, I love meeting new people and making new contacts. Besides that work life and spending a lot of time at the stables, hanging out with friends, I also have other hobbies, like making videos and creating content for fun.

And this is where I come in in Equine Fusion. I was searching for new challenges, developing myself, and gaining new experiences.

When I came across the Equine Fusion job application, I sent an application right away! I knew this was for me. Like all of you, we want the best for our horses. And what better to compear my love for horses with work than join a team that stands for horses' welfare and creating something good for our four-legged friends? Equine Fusions' slogan, ¨Happy performing horses¨ says it all.

I have competition horses in harness racing, and I want them for my horses at all times, especially when they perform. I have for years used iron shoes on my horses because I never thought it could be a better alternative out there. I was fully aware of the pressure and the strain the iron shoes give the hooves and legs.

And here I am as the content creator for Equine Fusion, so excited to be a part of this whole journey.

My interest in animals, especially horses, grew more prominent over the years, and I never plan to stop. My parents already had horses themselves before I was born. But Mom and Dad thought it was time for me to grow closer to the horses and find something more my size. So I got my first pony on my birthday when turning five years old. Daisy was her name, and she was a moldy brown Welsh mountain. And that was when it all started for me to become a real equestrian.

I am all grown up now and still have a big heart for animals.
I have had a couple of horses through the years, and for now, I have three horses together with my family.

Pippi starlight:

Pippi is a 9year warmblood trotter mare, and she is a harness racer. She has a big personality with many opinions but a good, kind heart. Me and my parents got her when she was two years old. She enjoys speeding and going on walks with saddle and carriage. She is now starting to use the 24/7 boots from Equine Fusion.

Next up, we have Mamsin:

Mamsin is a 2-year coldblooded trotter mare and is on her journey to become a harness racer. She is still young and learning and is still in the baby sone where some things to do are cooler than others. She has a big personality with her own opinions but is a happy girl who enjoys life. I own her with my grandpa.

Last up is Skyliner: 

Sky is a 14year old warmblood trotter gelding. He is a retired harness racer.
We got him when he was two months old when he had pneumonia and was very sick. We did not know if he was going to make it, but he did. He recovered and turned into a pretty boy. He raced and did good, but at age nine, he got a tendon injury from load and pressure over time on the hooves and legs. We, of course, took him out of racing, where he could live a happy life as a hobby horse. Today my sister-in-law has him, and they enjoy each other's company with Horsemanship, working form the ground, and more to it. He is now living his best life. The injury is for longtime ago healed. But the tendon strength will never remain the same. He will now start using various models of the Equine Fusion boots to prevent pressure on the hooves and legs.


Oh, remember. I also have a dog: a short introduction of the baby at home: Nebbie is a four-year miniature bullterrier. She has her crazy moments but loves to cuddle and spend time at the stables around the horses.

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