Hoof care tips & Jogging shoe benefits to make 2023 iron free👟🙌

For equestrians, a healthy, happy and performing horse is all they yearn for, and healthy hooves are integral for a healthy horse. Here are some tips for hoof health, and we will also discuss how Equine Fusion jogging shoes can help the horse.

Why is hoof care important?

A horse can endure injuries to almost any part of its body; however, the hoof is an exception. Healthy hooves are integral to a horse's health as they support the whole-body weight over a small area.

Hoof health is, therefore, extraordinarily significant, and any problems, big or small, may impact the mobility and overall health of the horse. Maintaining good hoof care is similar to increasing the chances of your horse's long and healthy life.

Ten quick tips for effective hoof care in 2023
Here are some tips that farriers and horse owners use to keep the horse's hooves in good health:
  1. Try to schedule regular trimming and shoeing sessions with an experienced farrier.
  2. Ensure good hoof balance.
  3. Use Jogging Shoes/Hoof boots to improve hoof health.
  4. Pick out and clean hooves regularly.
  5. Don't delay necessary treatment if any hoof problem is detected.
  6. Provide your horse with proper nutrition.
  7. Apply topical creams or hoof oils to moisturize hooves and soles during dry weather.
  8. Supplement biotin in horse diet for better hoof health.
  9. Increase his blood circulation and growth by letting him walk and trot on suitable surfaces
  10. Avoid deep and muddy footing.

Benefits of replacing iron with soft, flexible rubber:

If you're new to the concept of horses wearing jogging shoes, don't worry, we'll get this sorted for you and your horse.

The jogging shoe is similar to a human shoe, designed as a protective wrap or boot. There are many variations, but the common factor is providing comfort and protection to the hooves on hard surfaces and uneven terrains and enabling all natural hoof functions.

Jogging shoes are used for comfort and protection and to assist in curing a number of hoof problems, like hoof wall separation, navicular syndrome, white line disease and laminitis. 

Jogging shoes, commonly referred to as hoof bots, is a thing in the equine world that has proven to be the most effective item in protecting the hoof's health while riding. The hoof boots act as shock absorbers while protecting the hooves in rough terrains and providing comfort to the horse. This way, they are protected from excessive and unnecessary wear and improve the horse's traction. 

Another advantage is that the horse can remain barefoot for the rest of the time when it isn't being ridden. Of course, your horse can have it on most of the day, but it would be better to take them off and let the hoof air out.

Jogging shoes can also serve their purpose well to correct the horse's gait, help sustain a recent injury, or avoid knuckling of legs. 

To summarise, here are five of the main benefits of ditching the iron shoe and replacing them with soft and flexible jogging shoes:
  1. Protection: Jogging shoes can protect a horse's hooves from rocks, debris, and other hazards that can damage the hooves or cause injury.
  2. Comfort: Provide additional cushioning and support for horses with sensitive hooves or prone to discomfort and allow the hoof to function as nature intended.
  3. Traction/grip: Improve a horse's traction, especially on slippery or uneven surfaces.
  4. Rehabilitation: Jogging shoes can be used temporarily to protect a horse's hooves while recovering from an injury or condition.
  5. Versatility: Excellent tool for protecting and providing comfort to the horse in various situations, such as trail riding, endurance riding, dressage, and many more.

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