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Jogging shoes

A flexible and elastic Jogging Shoe is better for the horse than a hoof shoe or boot made of rigid material.

The Ultra model is the ultimate rehabilitation shoe with a soft and breathable upper part.

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All terrain

The All Terrain model has the same patented upper part as Ultimate; The cone locking mechanism with Velcro and a heel design.

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24/7 Jogging shoe

The 24/7 Jogging Shoe allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a jogging shoe without having to take it on and off every time you use it.

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All Terrain Ultra

The All Terrain Ultra is a combination of the Ultra upper and the All Terrain sole.

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Active jogging shoe

The Active Jogging Shoe consist of the cone locking mechanism and a heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the heels.

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Dampening pad

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Stud kit

The Equine Fusion Stud Kit is designed to provide year-round use of the equine jogging shoes regardless of winter ice or spring mud conditions.

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Equine Fusion recommend the 24/7 Glue Adhesive on the jogging shoes. It is important to follow the instructional flyer that comes with the shoes. Always wear gloves when you handle the glue and operate in a ventilated area.

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