Meet the latest addition to our ambassador team, Little Horses Big Smiles👋💙

We are thrilled to welcome Little Horse Big Smiles onboard our ambassador team. In this article, the president/founder Ronica Froese explains the organization and what they do. She is also a long-time user and admirer of our jogging shoes, so she provides an in-depth insight into her and her horse's experiences of using our shoes so far.

Little Horses Big Smiles (LHBS) is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization based in Michigan, USA. I, Ronica Froese, founded LHBS in May 2016. LHBS provides equine-assisted therapy and activities with miniature therapy horses, Charlie, George, Fred, and Stanley, free of charge to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, schools, veteran organizations, and various community events.

The pioneer and star of our therapy program are my Charlie, my heart horse. Charlie was my first ever miniature horse. I have always owned only riding horses, but for as long as I can remember, since being a horse-crazy little girl, I have wanted a miniature horse, so I purchased Charlie and started owner-training him for therapy work. When we began therapy in January 2015, there were no horse boot companies that made boots sized small enough for a miniature horse's hoof.

In April 2017, after years of Charlie wearing either vet wrap or teddy bear sneakers (not made for a horse's hoof that wore out quickly), we received his first set of 4 Equine Fusion All Terrain boots. I fell in love with these boots and Equine Fusion instantly. Horse boots, in my professional opinion, are a necessity for therapy visits. While my miniature therapy horses are trained to safely walk on all types of flooring, the Equine Fusion boots provide traction and are a much safer option on slippery floors.

The Equine Fusion boots are specifically made for a horse's hoof with the proper break over, and the design not only provides traction on flooring but also helps my miniature therapy horses do unconventional requirements of miniature therapy horse work like all types of stairs, elevators, bridges, etc. These boots completely put my mind at ease when asking my horses to do things horses aren't normally known to do.

When the Equine Fusion Active Shoes was launched, I knew my boys needed to try this style of shoe. I absolutely love the Active Shoe. My Charlie is a very intelligent horse who was able to figure out how to take off the All Terrain boots by excessively stepping on them to undo the velcro but with the new velcro and locking design of the Active Shoe, he can no longer take off his boots on his own.

One of the best things about the Equine Fusion boots/shoes is the conversations and comments we receive on therapy visits. There's nothing cuter than a miniature horse wearing horsey sneakers. People of all ages, from tiny humans in the children's hospital to the elderly in nursing homes, get a huge smile when they see the boots/shoes.

I've spent the last 5.5 years referring as many horse owners as possible to invest in Equine Fusion boots/shoes for their horses. Barefoot is the healthiest way for a horse's hoof to be. I also have sets of Equine Fusion boots/shoes for my big riding horse Jerry and my best friend, mare Mocca. Both our big horses are tender footed on the gravel dirt roads we trail ride on, and these boots/shoes have been the best tack I've ever purchased for them. I will never put a metal shoe and nails on a big horse ever again.

We are so honored to be Equine Fusion Ambassadors and look forward to always spreading horsey cheer one smile at a time while styling in our Equine Fusion boots.

Ronica Froese
Little Horses Big Smiles

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