Looking for inspiration and ideas for what to name your new four-legged best friend? Then this article could be the one for you.

The most popular Female and Male Horse Names

Horses are some of the most breathtaking animals to ever walk on the planet. Perhaps you were that astounded by their charming beauty and majesticness you have committed to being a proud owner of one. When it comes to naming your animals, it's always a difficult task as you desire to find the adequate name that matches your horse perfectly, specifically to their unique personality. Perhaps you may seek inspiration, for example riding in the woods, getting to know your horse, or even watching a horse race.

Before you set off on your name hunt, ensure to be conscious and familiar with your horse’s personality as that can give you a great indication of what you should name it. You can do this by going out on adventurous rides, petting or cuddling your four-legged friend, or even carrying out a spa day to determine if it is an easy-going, chilled horse who adores a little pamper.

There are multiple factors that can have an impact on your horse's name for example their color, their breed, and also their behavior. We have also produced a list of horse names in different categories depending on your horse's personality, personal qualities, traits, and behavior.

Male Horse Names

Below are some of the most popular and classic male horse names over the years there have been some alterations to the names, but generally speaking, these are the top trending names:

● Lucky
● President
● Barley
● Blazer
● Dash
● Bolt
● Jockey
● Diesel
● Steel toe
● Colonel

Female Horse Names

Most female horse names are in relation to nature, due to their pure appearance as well as their gentle behavior.

● Hayley
● Harley
● Marigold
● River
● Pearl
● Daisy
● Jasmine
● Velvet
● Willow
● Sapphire

Race Horse Names


You may decide to choose a racehorse name, due to the horse's extreme outburst of energy or even due to their color or breed.

● Usain Colt
● Bullseye
● Apollo
● War Admiral
● Comet
● Iron Clad
● Major
● Exterminator
● Flying Bolt
● Galileo

Famous Horse Names

Perhaps, you may decide to name your horse after some famous horses as they exhibited an extreme interest when choosing their name.

● Rocket
● Pegasus
● Captain
● Black Beauty
● Sliver
● Angus
● Wildfire
● Champion
● Fury
● Gunpowder


Funny Horse Names

Some decide to give their horse a significantly unique name by adding in a tinge of humor when giving their horse a name.

● Klip Klop
● Hoofer
● Ed
● Carrots
● Loco
● Cowboy
● Stable Boy
● Sprinkles
● Unicorn
● Foxtrot

Unique Female Horse Names

Some horse lovers only give their horses unique names for example they named their horse β€œKhaleesi” as they have been inspired by Game of Thrones.

● Khaleesi
● Legend
● Miracle
● Iris
● Petunia
● Silver
● Ivy
● Luna
● Prada
● Filly

Unique Male Horse Names

Another inspiration for horse lovers may be from the series β€œWitcher” when they decide to name their horse β€œRoach”
● Roach
● Mufasa
● Mustang
● Dino
● Ace
● Kalini
● Eclipse
● Hawk
● Noir
● Midnight/night


After deciding on a selection of names for your beloved friend you can give them the opportunity to choose their own name by letting them decide. As horses are extremely smart animals they probably won't be able to directly choose their name, therefore you can prepare some fun ideas. For example, you can tie up five carrots and write the names above each carrot. Simply allow your horse to chose whichever carrot they desire and there you have it, the perfect name for your four-legged friend. Once you have chosen a suitable name, you should consider training your horse to respond to its name. This can be done by building the value of the horse's name.

For example, hold your horse’s favorite snack in your hand and walk away while calling your horse’s name. For instance, your horse’s name is Khaleesi, you walk to the opposite end of the field while calling it β€œKhaleesi”, once your horse walks towards you, reward it each time, and after a little practice, it should respond. This training process may vary depending on your horse’s personality. As soon as your horse responds to its name you can then move a step forward where the horse can respond to a simple whistle, similarly to the previous method.

Ensure to have some treats in your hand and walk to the opposite of the field while you whistle and reward your horse each time. One thing to keep in mind is, do not train your horse for a long period of time as it will get distracted easily as its attention span is quite short, therefore short intervals at frequent times provide the best effective training. To conclude, you may desire to follow certain guidelines to name your horse, or may already have a chosen name for your beloved four-legged friend. Getting to know your horse and its different traits can give you a fair guide on what name suits your horse the best. The useful tips stated above can also provide you with training techniques to ensure your horse responds to its chosen name


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