Activities with your Horse for Halloween Time🎃

With Halloween creeping around the corner, you probably wonder what entertaining ideas and activities you can supply for yourself and your horse. We've compiled a list of 7 fantastic ways to spend Halloween with your horse. Don't forget to include others in your Halloween plans as you begin to arrange your festivities to spread the spooky atmosphere.

Halloween Horse Shows

Some horse lovers decide to host horse shows for a range of competitions, such as best Halloween costumes or which horse can eat the apple the quickest. To find out where these events are hosted, just ask around your local area or visit your local barns, as they will be hosting a Halloween Horse show. The traditional activities of the show will still commence, such as jumps and performances. Ensure to let all your friends know so they can participate in the amusements and enjoy the spooky atmosphere

Host a Halloween Party

If you cannot attend a Horse Show, you may decide to host your own Halloween Party. Grab a group of your horse friends and begin the party by:

● Decorating the barn with pumpkins, Halloween decorations. Your horses may not like it at first, therefore ensure they are comfortable with all the decorations.

● Bringing or baking some snacks for you and your horses. For example, some homemade oatmeal treats or some traditional sticky toffee apples

● Create your own costumes to match with your four-legged friend to create a spooky atmosphere. It can't be a Halloween Party with ghostly costumes.

● Another thing you should prepare is some games to create an entertaining mood. Several games you may wish to consider are “bobbing apples” or “snapping apples” or “spooky spoons” on a horseback.

Dress up your Horse

Dressing up yourself and your horse can be a lot of fun. You may build a variety of imaginative costumes for your horse. When making a costume for your horse, make sure it's safe and that you can easily remove it if your horse becomes frightened. Slowly introduce the costume to your horse so he can become accustomed to it before any official activities. Consider entering your horse in a costume contest at a horse show once he has mastered his costume. You and your horse can also compete in online costume contests and for all, you know you may win a prize.

Make Halloween Treats

As pumpkin is commonly associated with Halloween, we will focus on recipes that include pumpkin as their main ingredient. Today we will provide three step by step guides to our top Halloween horse treat recipes.

Stuffed Pumpkin:

● One small to medium pumpkin
● Grain
● Fruit
1. Purchase a small to medium-sized pumpkin.
2. Carve your pumpkin, removing all of the inside pulp.
3. Ensure all of the seeds have been removed.
4. After the pumpkin has been carved, fill it with your horse's favourite grain and fruit.
5. Remove the handle/stem found on the lid of the pumpkin.
6. Place the lid onto the pumpkin and allow your horse to enjoy a unique Halloween treat.

Festive Cookies:

● One small to medium pumpkin
● Nutmeg
● Cinnamon
● Oats 20oz
● ¼ cup of honey
● ½ cup of brown sugar
1. Bake your pumpkin for 45-50 minutes or until a fork easily pierces the skin.
2. Break down the pumpkin into small portions.
3. Add your pumpkin into a large mixing bowl with your nutmeg, cinnamon, honey and brown sugar.
4. Spoon out all of the mixtures onto a baking sheet.
5. Bake the cookies for fifteen minutes at 190 degrees.
6. Allow the cookies to completely cool before allowing your horse to consume them.

Join a local Parade

On the 31st of October, Halloween parades have become a well recognized and attended event. You should consider joining and competing if your horse is well-trained and does not get frightened easily. You may either organise a group of friends and have a horse parade around your property, or you can join a public parade to make everyone's Halloween even more exciting. If there is a Halloween Parade near you, gather a group of friends and ride your horses in it. Perhaps you could add some Halloween decorations or dress up to get in that festive mood.

Take your Horse Trick or Treating

Trick-or-treating is the most typical Halloween activity, depending on where you live. You could certainly take your horse trick-or-treating if he is calm and well-trained. As always, extra precautions should be taken to ensure that your horse and yourself are well-lit and that you stay as near to home as possible to keep your horse as comfortable as possible. This will not only provide you with a wonderful and spooky evening, but it will also impress and inspire the locals.

You may decide to invite everyone to the barn, throw a party, and have a "horse-style" trick-or-treating around the barn. This could be a safer and more familiar atmosphere for you and your horse to celebrate Halloween.

This is just a sample of the activities you could perform with your horse for Halloween; there are many more options and ideas.

Happy Halloween!

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