All Terrain Ultra jogging shoe

The All Terrain Ultra is a combination of the Ultra upper and the All Terrain sole.

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10.6 cm inches- 14 cminches
Width up to 10
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  • Easy to open the shoe wide, and put the shoe on the hoof.
  • Intuitive locking mechanism with two-band locking mechanism.
  • Easy to take off.


  • The upper part makes it adaptable for hoofs with odd shape, form or angles.
  • The upper part consists of a two-band locking mechanism.
  • Correct size and proper fit are very important, if not you may experience twisting.
  • This model may be suitable for horses with a distinct natural twisting movement that can lead to twisting.
  • The Slim series is designed for best fit on hind hooves due to narrow sole shape and a lower back part. (However, the Equine Fusion slim models may also be suitable for front hooves in many cases.)


  • Due to the adaptable upper and the fastening system you can fasten the shoe tight around the hoof to stay on.
  • The shoe can be used for turnout in paddock/fields.


  • The engineered flexible and elastic jogging shoe, allows the hoof to sink into the rubber sole and allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole to secure natural blood flow and hoof functions.
  • With the improved rubber sole the All Terrain provides the horse with more dampening and stability.
  • Optimal break over.
  • The same tested and well proven sole as the All Terrain.
  • The upper part is soft and comfortable for the horse.
  • Breathable material.
  • Can be used if your horse is in a rehabilitation period or suffering from any lower limb/hoof problems such as laminitis, hoof sensitivity, abscesses etc.


  • Stud kit All Terrain can be installed (optional to add dampening pads)
  • Our unique tread design provides you with excellent grip.
  • The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces.

Sole thickness

10mm – 14mm depending on size

Thread element thickness

5mm – 7mm depending on size

Drainage holes

Yes – Each side of the sole

Stud kit

Stud kit All Terrain

Upper design

Adaptable Upper

Locking mechanism

Two bands tightened

Breathable upper


Machine washable

Yes – 40

Available in Color


Reflective band

Yes – On the upper part


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