Dampening Pads 2.0

The brand-new Equine Fusion dampening Pad adds a new dimension to the shoes and their dampening ability.

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Simply cut the pad to the same size as your jogging shoe, following the pattern.

The Pad can be cut to size if you're using a different brand of hoof boots. Let the horse stand on the Pad, trace around the hoof and trim the Pad with scissors to the outline of the hoof before placing the Pad into the hoof boot.

The dampening pad 2.0 is available in both Regular and Slim.

The pad is designed according to the same principles as the jogging shoe. With a special designed rubber compound which provides the pad with the best properties. Extremely good memory and almost no deformation during usage. The superb flexibility, dampening and biomechanical properties makes this the best pad for both riding and rehabilitation. They can also be used to improve the fit of the hoof boot. Use them in hoof boots to help transition a horse from shod to barefoot, or as an aid in the treatment of laminitis, navicular, and other hoof ailments.

We recommend you work with your veterinarian or hoof care professional when treating any type of pathology.


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