The amazing effects of the 24/7 jogging shoe on a struggeling racehorse.

In this blog post, you will read get to read the experiences of the owner, trainer and groom of the racehorse ''Massive Speed'' in relation to a test project that we collaborated on with our 24/7 glue-on jogging shoe. You will get to read about the horse's amazing health and welfare transformation, and how the horse with the help of the 24/7 jogging shoe, went from severe knee problems in both front legs, zero stability in training or performance in competitions, to be happy and healthy again. And on top of all that, started winning races.

Experiences made during the project:

The owner:

''It's important to start by saying that we are talking about a powerful horse with a large capacity here. A horse that, due to various health problems in specifically the knee joints of both front legs had gotten to the point where he had zero stability in both training and competitions. With all the problems with the knees, came even more problems. It got to the point where the veterinarian expenses along with other treatments became too great to keep going.
After a disappointing qualification to the derby, we decided to team up with Equine Fusion and participate in the 24/7 jogging shoe testing project. The decision was largely based on the documented testing and effects of the Equine Fusion jogging shoe sole, which made us optimistic that it could have health-promoting benefits along with horse welfare.
It didn't take long before we received good news and positive feedback from the trainers and groom. The horse's movement and stability had returned to the levels the horse used to have back before when he was healthy and performing. With these improvements, the horse could then finally get in a good training and exercise period, which resulted in the horse being able to compete in races again.
The outcome of the 6 races that followed after the horse started training with the 24/7 jogging shoes was quite frankly overwhelming, with 3 wins, 2 in second place, and one disqualification. It's important to note that Massive Speed did not wear the 24/7 jogging shoes during races due to the ground conditions. This was something that the trainer wanted to incorporate next spring. ''

Remember the extensive expenses involved in treating and caring for the horse that was mentioned earlier? Those expenses were reduced by 50% since we started experimenting with the 24/7.  The owners now have a horse that is not only stable in training and competitions, but that also seems happy with life, and a joy to work with. 


Next, we are going to read the experiences of one of Norway's leading trainers and jockey, Åsbjørn Tengsareid. Here is what he had say about his experience with the 24/7 jogging shoes: 
''The Equine Fusion jogging shoes have impressed me in the way that the horse has accepted in having them on, but also in the manner, the horse is moving and functioning. The shoes have proven to be durable during long periods of training, and the horse seems to be enjoying training with jogging shoes on. It seems to me that the jogging shoes deliver health-promoting effects for the horse. The hoofs are growing and developing nicely with the shoes on. Because of this hoof growth is doesn't take long before the horses are ready for competitions due to the use of the 24/7.
The simplicity of the application process of the shoe has without a doubt made the days a lot easier for me and the groom, as we no longer have to spend time waiting around for a farrier. This allowed for much more effective workdays.'' 

Groom/assistant trainer.

''My name is Kristine, and I'm the proud groom and assistant trainer of the 5-year-old racehorse, Massive Speed. I have had him since he was two years old and know him quite well by now. 
If we look at the history of Massive Speed, it shows significant time spent dealing with knee problems. Throughout his whole career, he has had problems with his forward knees, which lead to the use of veterinarians and other various kinds of therapists. Getting any stability in training has been a major problem for us, and the importance of proper training cannot be overstated. Without stability in training, we cannot get the horse to perform to the levels we know he should. A low amount of races with long breaks in between in desperate attempts to get in control over his health and welfare has been our situation before we started experimenting with jogging shoes. 
After failing to qualify to Derby we felt that we had to look at other alternatives and solutions for a horse with so much potential and this kind of capacity. And that was when we started collaborating with Equine Fusion. We spent a fairly long time just training with the jogging shoe before we started competing in races again. 
This training period went on for around two months. We took this time to allow the horse to get a good baseline and be built back up gradually so that he would be fully fit and ready for when he started racing again.
Immediately the horse appeared more rhythmic in his action. He trotted an easy way without effort. The subsidence in these shoes is important to his knees and has lead to a lesser burden on them. I must add that all the training of a racehorse takes place outside, where we can never anticipate weather conditions, for example, how hard the ground is. In cases like these, it is nice to know that the horse can keep on training as usual because of the subsidence.
The idea of using a Jogging Shoe was new to me. We have always had a farrier to set on shoes- now I suddenly had to do it all by myself. I found it to be an easy process, that requires being quick and precise.
For a groom, it may seem scary to put on a shoe all on their own. Especially considering many of them don’t have limited/or any experience doing this. What I can tell you is that there is nothing to fear- I have never had any problems while putting them on. When even I as a groom can do this job by myself, others will be able to accomplish the same without any problems.
It’s important to me that other grooms around understand that the process of putting on the Jogging Shoe is easy and uncomplicated. You don’t have to be a farrier or have other expertise to apply the 24/7 jogging shoes.
For me as a groom, this has been a time full of new experiences that have lead to the joy of seeing a more healthy horse after using the Jogging Shoe. It has been a sense of achievement for me to be able to do this all by myself, at the same time that it has given me a healthier and better-performing horse.
A little fun fact here is that this horse with ”regular” shoes is known for stumbling. This has never happened since he started using the Jogging Shoe. So, less stumbling and a more balanced step with the Jogging Shoe.
I mentioned earlier the amount of potential and capacity of Massive Speed. Therefore I thought it would be fun for you to read that he have a win percentage of 50 % at this current moment. After we started using the Jogging Shoe he has won a total of three of his last six races, where he became number two in the two races he didn’t win. The Jogging Shoe has been an important contribution to his improvements in health and welfare that ultimately lead to these achievements''
Massive Speed in his 24/7 glue on shoes.



Since we started the project of using Equine Fusion jogging shoes there have been zero joint-related expenses on the horse. Veterinarian costs have exclusively been concerning teeth treatments and vaccinations required for the health certificate.

Muscle therapy:

The horse had muscle therapy once a month. Alternative treatments were reduced by 50% since the start of using jogging shoes. This was made possible by stable exercise and Equine Fusion Jogging shoes. 

''Massive Speed'':

As for the horse itself? We believe the results speak for themselves...
Massive Speed during training.

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