Short on vacation plans? Here are 8 fun activities for you to do with your horse this summer☀️

With Summer finally here, with the days lengthening and the nights shortening, you are probably wondering what entertainment you can provide for both yourhorse and yourself. There is a wide variety of options available. You can explore various activities and experiences this summer, from home spa days to thrilling trail rides.

  1. Horse Spa Day

Select a day to pamper your four-legged friend. Get things started and prepared; begin witha soapy bath and crème rinse the entire body. For the mane and tail, ensure to massage theroots to certify a shiny look thoroughly. Add a hot oil treatment ( before applying, make sureto test, so it is not too hot). Finally, use the conditioner onto the mane and tail and allow it tosit for 10 mins, then gently comb through and rinse the conditioner. Before the spa day ends,you can grab a pair of clippers and trim the horse's muzzle, bridle path, and fetlocks. To to pup the transformation, you can wish to braid your horse's mane and add accessories.

  1. Take your Horse to the beach for a Swim.

This is a brilliant idea for a scorching day, to allow your horse to cool down on a lovely summers day. Your horse will have the experience of exploring the beach but also the opportunity to begin to swim. To approach this, you must ensure to stay calm and do notforce your horse to enter the water; start by stepping into shallow water. Then once thehorse's confidence has increased. Slowly go in deeper to allow your horse to adjust totemperature change and its surroundings. Once the horse adjusts to the new experience,the fun may commence.

  1. Trail Ride

Trail Rides may be deemed as an introductory activity to do with your horse over the summer period, but this can be altered by taking your horse on a range of different trails. You can be as adventurous as you like, from mountain hiking to beach trails. This will allow your horse to adjust to various locations and prevent it from being nervous when visiting othernew places. By taking your horse to different areas, the horse is experiencing different surfaces. This constant variation will allow the horse to condition its underfoot. Surfaces mayvary from sand to chunky rocks. Trail rides are the perfect ideas for a summer day afternoon,as you can enjoy the perfect view and even watch the beautiful sunset from the top of your horse's back, giving you an idealistic view.

  1. Create or Alter your Obstacle Course

Teaching your horse how to handle their fear is incredibly valuable; it's just like learning how to walk. Start your obstacle course at an introductory and straightforward level. You do not require professional equipment to make obstacles; use your imagination by using buckets orbig blocks of wood. If you already have an obstacle course, try and make the obstacles more advanced and challenging for you and your horse; it will make you feel proud once you've overcome the difficulties. By enhancing your obstacles, your horse will learn the ability to face their fears and overcome them. It will also prevent boredom on the perfect summer days, as you can alternate the obstacles to attempt different combinations.

  1. Bake Horse Treats

A great way to fill your summer morning is by baking treats for your horse. This will allow you to learn new skills in taking care of your horse, but it will also allow you to expand your baking repertoire. With simple recipes and only a few ingredients, your horse will be enjoying the most delicious treats it's ever consumed as it was made with love and passion. To keep in mind, baked horse treats can go rancid quickly, so it's advisable to either bake a small batch or freeze them.

  1. Teach your Horse a New Trick

Some equestrians do not like the idea of teaching your horse tricks, but this summer can be an exception to teach your horse to learn new tricks. If you favour teaching your horse tricks,set yourself a goal on how many tricks you can teach your horse. Some simple tricks you can teach your horse is to lift its foot, bow or even hug. What a fantastic idea to fill your summer with hugs full of love from your four-legged friend. For more challenging tricks, you can decide to teach your horse how to smile, kiss or even yawn. Note that all horses can learn very quickly, but that does not mean giving up on teaching your horse, being patient,and using rewards such as carrots to incentivise your horse to perform a particular trick.

  1. Photoshoot

Photo shooting with your horse is a perfect example of ideas for your summer to-do list. To shoot the best photos of you and your horse, avoid scheduling around meal times as this could interfere with your horse's routine. The best time is in between meal times as the horse will not be as distracted. Also, remember to monitor your mood. Horses feed on their riders energy; therefore, helping both you and your horse to enjoy a photoshoot. You will have unforgettable memories pictured in a frame that will never be forgotten.

  1. Social Gathering for Horses

You may wish to create a small social gathering for individuals with horses. Ensure to introduce them to each other to prevent any unforeseen incidents. By doing this, your horse will develop its social skills and can create new play buddy's. It's a benefit for the individuals with horses as they have the social aspect of these gatherings but can also exchange information about horses and gain new knowledge. They can also arrange days to go to the beach with their horses and enjoy the admirable views.

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