Meet the two newest members of the Equine Fusion family, Charlotte and July👋💙 Interview with Julythehorse(TikTok)

Charlotte and July, or "Julythehorse" as they go under on TikTok where they have gained an audience of over 230 000 subscribers, recently joined our ambassador team.🙌 In this interview article with Charlotte, you will get to know more about the two of them, how this cooperation came to happen, an insight into July's past health struggles, along with details behind their incredible rise on TikTok. And lastly, Charlotte's tips on how you can do the same.
So Charlotte, could you perhaps tell the readers a little about yourself and your beautiful horse July?

''Yes, of course, I can. My name is Charlotte, I'm 19 years old, and I'm from Germany. About two years ago, my dream of owning a horse came true, and I got my first horse "July". July is a 27-year-old Paso Fino and used to be a breeding mare before she came to me. At that time, I wasn't really looking for a horse (especially not an old one), but sometimes things happen even if we don't expect them to. And here we are now, two years later, and a better team than ever before.''

Usually, in these cases, when an "influencer" like yourself becomes a brand ambassador for a company, it is the brand reaching out to prospective people that fit that company's values and mantra. But this all came together because you initially got in touch with us. Could you perhaps give the readers a little insight into why you got in touch with exactly us?

''A few years ago, I rode two horses that were only ridden with hoof boots. Before that, I didn't even know that there were things like hoof boots for horses. That was the first time I heard about Equine Fusion since their boots wherefrom you. After using those boots for a little while with those horses, I already was a fan because they were so easy to put on and off, and they protected the horse's hooves perfectly. When I got July, we went for many walks initially, and it seemed like it didn't hurt her to run barefoot like she always used to. But after a while, she started struggling a lot more with her hooves, and that's when I thought about getting hoof boots. I never thought about any other brand than Equine Fusion since I had such a great experience with your boots. I read about the ambassador program on the website, and I thought that this could be a great way to work together and to let other people know about hoof boots in general and especially about your great boots. And now I'm a part of this amazing and friendly team, and I'm so happy about it.''

Our company slogan is "Happy, Performing Horses", so horse welfare is very important to us and the main factor in everything we do and develop. I assume that is something that stands close to your heart and has become a priority after seeing your horse struggle being that close to your horse July?

''Yes, you're definitely right! Over the past two years, July struggled to gain some weight since she was very underweight when I got her, which hurt my heart. It's my priority to keep her healthy, fit, and happy. As long as she is happy, I am too, and I think that it should be everyone's priority who owns a horse since we are responsible for them.''

You have gained a pretty impressive following on the new "in vogue" social media, TikTok, with almost 250 000 subscribers. How did all of that come to be?

''Actually, I never thought that it would "blow up" like that. I started this account in January 2021 (so almost 1 and a half year ago) when I was in the second covid-lockdown. Because of that, I had a lot of time since everything was closed back then, and I made this account just for fun. I uploaded a few videos of July, and as time went by, we got more and more subscribers. I'm still not over this massive number of subscribers if I'm being honest.''

What was the factor behind that impressive number of fans and subscribers? Was it a consequence of a few videos going viral, or was it more about you being consistent and posting regularly and keeping the fans engaged?

''I think it was a mixture of both. It took about three months to get to 10.000 subscribers, and I posted at least two videos a day by then. Especially my "What I feed my horse every day "-videos went viral every time I posted a new one. I guess that's where most of my subscribers came from, but I think posting on the regular is what keeps them a subscriber.''

To all the aspiring equine TikTokersthat might be among the readers of this blog post. Do you have any tips forthem on how to get started and to start building a following themselves? 

''I would say just start. Don't wait for a "better "time, and don't be afraid of not being successful or others laughing about you. Most people are very friendly on Tiktok, so there's no need to be afraid. Just post videos every day (and be consistent, that's very important!) And you'll see as time moves on, you'll be gaining more subscribers. One last tip: don't try to copy anyone. Find your own style and way of doing things and have fun because then you're unique, and that's something people will remember. So let's start your TikTok career right now! :)''

We have provided you with several shoes for July to rock now as the season is getting started, and opportunities are pretty much endless. Have you found one that is your favorite model yet? And if so, what is it about that particular shoe that you like?

''Before I start: I have to say thank you very much again for that, that was very, very nice. July and I tried out all of the shoes over the last weeks, and I think we have two favorites. First of all, the Trekking Shoe. They stay on pretty good (but actually, all of the shoes are staying on amazingly). July and I went on a hike for about 14 kilometers last week, and we didn't have any problems with the shoes. They even stayed on while she was swimming and splashing around in a river which is very impressive. My other favorite pair of shoes are the Active Jogging Shoes. They have a very smart locking mechanism, which makes them stay on very well as well. Also, it is easy to put them on, they protect the hooves fantastically and besides all that they are very stylish and we all do love horses with a good style, don't we?''

We Surely do! And lastly, Charlotte, what can the people that want to see more of you and July expect going forward, and where can they find you?

''We would be thrilled if you'd want to see more of us :) We will keep posting out of our everyday life and taking you with us when we go riding or on hikes. And maybe there will be coming some giveaways in the future ;) You'll find us on Instagram and of course, on TikTok by searching our username @julythehorse. Thanks for the interview, and I hope you all have a great day.''

Thanks for your time Charlotte, and once again, we're thrilled to have you onboard!💙

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