Meet our new ambassador, Lockie Phillips👋

Lockie is an Australian horseman and retiredprofessional dancer who lives in Spain. He is a horse trainer, riding instructor, equestrian coach, hoof careprovider and international clinician.

Lockie is the creator of Emotional Horsemanship, a horse training method whichhelps deeply caring horse owners create emotionally balanced horses usingscience, empathy and feel.

As a hoofcare provider, Lockie focuses on empowering private horse owners byteaching high quality hoof care, hoof trimming and hoof knowledge frombeginners through to advanced.  

Lockie lives on his farm in Galicia, North-Western Spain with four horses,Sanson, Sureño, Caleb and Anoki, his partner and cats and dogs.  He hosts retreats at this farm to learn withhis horses, delivers services online to horse owners anywhere in the world, andtravels every year for clinic tours.

Equine Fusion hoof boots have been in Lockie´s toolkit for the last 4 years,including the glue on shoes, jogging shoes, and recovery boots.  They have been absolutely essential forhelping horses transition from a metal shoe back to their natural foot,essential for long distance, advanced trail riding in tough mountain terrain,for preserving the joint health of heavier horses living on hard footing, forrehabilitating horses with osteopathic pathologies, and much much more.  

Lockie is delighted to be a part of the Equine Fusion team and looks forward toa long and successful cooperation with them!

If you are interested in learning more about Lockie we have linked his website and socials below:



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